Welcome to Hjørring Municipality

Dear Newcomer to Hjørring Municipality

Hjørring Municipality lies in the heart of Vendsyssel. From here you have easy access to some of Denmark’s most beautiful scenery, a rich and vibrant city life and a wealth of exciting educational opportunities and leisure activities. We believe – and hope you will experience it as well – that Hjørring Municipality has a lot offer.

At Hjørring Municipality we are aware of the fact that it is not always easy to settle in a new country. You will encounter new people and new ways of doing things. In particular, the initial period will provide numerous challenges and may seem a bit overwhelming.

We have therefore created this website, where you and your family can find answers to many of the questions that may arise, when you move to Denmark. This way we will relieve you from the time consuming hunt for information in cyberspace and thus let you spend more time getting to know your new country.

We hope that you will find this website useful.

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Hjørring Internationals

Here you have the chance of asking questions to fellow internationals and Danes, and establish a social Network.

New to Denmark?


Below you will find links to websites, where you can read about Denmark, Danish society and life as a new citizen in Denmark.

Life in Denmark

New to Denmark  

The Official Website of Denmark

Working in Denmark

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Hjørring Internationals (Network) 


Would you like to get to know new people in the Municipality? Join 'Hjørring Internationals'.

'Hjørring internationals' is a network facilitated by Hjørring Municipality that arranges local networking activities that aim at giving internationals the opportunity to build social networks, learn about Danish Society and professional life and take part in activities with Danes and other internationals.

All foreigners and internationally minded Danes are welcome to join the Network.

You can read more about these activities here Hjørring Internationals.